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AIPPM is a non-technical but effective committee that was established to mirror political realities by exposing the various levels of Indian polity and governance. The All India Political Party Meets are conventions that allow the various political groups of India to come to an agreement on issues of national importance before sessions of the parliament or the introduction of a bill. The meetings were originally intended to be a forum for unrestricted political debate, which may not be permitted in Parliament because of time limits, but these bodies now aid in offering a deeper understanding of national issues. The AIPPM committee in MUN seeks to replicate this reality by duplicating policy and jurisdiction stages, with delegates representing individuals from the divergent Indian political parties. The representatives of the AIPPM committee are required to be well-versed in their political party’s ideology, manifesto, and beliefs in order to understand the multi-layered processes that underpin policy-making and governance in India.

Agenda: Discussing various nuances of the 69th amendment to the Constitution and other relevant legislation concerning the Union Territory status of Delhi

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